Port Test allows you to see if a TCP port on your computer is accessible over the Internet. Many programs and services require you to have open ports to use them properly, for example BitTorrent clients and FTP servers.

For Port Test to determine if your TCP port is open there must be an active listener, i.e. the program/service you are opening ports for must be running. If a port is inacccessible it is usually either a firewall

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Port Test allows you to see if a TCP port on your computer is accessible over the Internet. Many programs and services require you to have open ports to use them properly, for example BitTorrent clients and FTP servers.

For Port Test to determine if your TCP port is open there must be an active listener, i.e. the program/service you are opening ports for must be running. If a port is inacccessible it is usually either a firewall setting or an ISP restriction.

Once it is established that the port you are trying to access is closed there are multiple courses of action to open them. If your PC is behind a router and the router's firewall is disabling access to that particular port you will need to create an exception in the router's firewall settings. How to do this depends heavily of the model of router you own, however usually this requires you to access the router's configuration page in your web browser. Usually this is accessed by going to and address simliar to,, etc.

Another reason for blocked ports can be the personal firewall settings on your PC. If you are using a third-party firewall application instructions to unblock ports should be available on the software manufacturers website or in the help window of the application.


Why are you hacking me?

If you are running a firewall that detects and alerts potential attacks you may be notified of an attack after using PortTest. This is not due to PortTest hacking you but seeing if your TCP ports are open, as you requested. Please do not be alarmed.

What port do I need to open for Bit Torrent?

The port that you need to open completely depends on your Bit Torrent client and your current configuration. Please see your Bit Torrent client's settings to find the TCP port you need to test.

How do I configure the firewall in Windows XP?

Please see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/841549 on opening ports under Windows XP.

How do I configure the firewall in Windows Vista?

Please see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/Open-a-port-in-Windows-Firewall on opening ports under Windows Vista.

How do I configure the firewall in Windows 7?

Please see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/open-a-port-in-windows-firewall on opening ports under Windows 7.

How do I configure the firewall in Windows 8?

Please see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/open-port-windows-firewall on opening ports under Windows 8.

How do I configure the firewall in Windows 10?

Please see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/open-port-windows-firewall on opening ports under Windows 10.

How do I open ports in Norton Internet Security 2012?

Open Norton Internet Security 2012 and go to Settings -> Network -> Smart Firewall -> Advanced Settings -> Configure -> General Rules -> Configure -> Add as an Administrator. Add the particular TCP ports you wish to open.

How do I open ports in Norton 360?

Open up Norton 360 and go to Settings > Network > Smart Firewall > Program Fules > Configure. Find the application you are trying to open the port for in the list and click the "Access" drop-down to the right. Select "Custom" from the drop-down. Go to the "Communications" tab and select "TCP and UDP" under protocol and click "The rule will apply only if it matches all of the ports listed below". Under "Ports" click "Add" and input your port number.

How do I open ports using UFW?

If you are running linux and use UFW you can open a port by simply running "sudo ufw allow 53".

How do I open ports in my iptables?

If you are running linux and want to open up a particular port in you iptables please see the following website: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo.

Common Ports

Port Start Port End Application
1TCP Port Service Multiplexer (TCPMUX)
2CompressNET Management Utility
3CompressNET Compression Process
5Remote Job Entry
7Echo Protocol
9Discard Protocol
11Active Users (systat service)
13Daytime Protocol (RFC 867)
15netstat service
17Quote of the Day
18Message Send Protocol
19Character Generator Protocol (CHARGEN)
20FTP data transfer
21FTP control (command)
22Secure Shell (SSH) used for secure logins, file transfers (scp, sftp) and port forwa...
23Telnet protocol unencrypted text communications
24Priv-mail : any private mail system.
25Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) used for e-mail routing between mail servers
34Remote File (RF) used to transfer files between machines
35Any private printer server protocol
37TIME protocol
39Resource Location Protocol (RLP) used for determining the location of higher level s...
40Shains throbber protocol
42nameserver, ARPA Host Name Server Protocol
43WHOIS protocol
49TACACS Login Host protocol
50Remote Mail Checking Protocol
51IMP Logical Address Maintenance
52XNS (Xerox Network Systems) Time Protocol
53Domain Name System (DNS)
54XNS (Xerox Network Systems) Clearinghouse
55ISI Graphics Language (ISI-GL)
56Route Access Protocol (RAP)
56XNS (Xerox Network Systems) Authentication
57Mail Transfer Protocol (MTP)
58XNS (Xerox Network Systems) Mail
70Gopher protocol
71Genius protocol
79Finger protocol
80Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
81Torpark Onion routing
83MIT ML Device
88Kerberos authentication system
90dnsix (DoD Network Security for Information Exchange) Securit Attribute Token Map
99WIP Message Protocol
101NIC host name
102ISO-TSAP (Transport Service Access Point) Class 0 protocol
104ACR/NEMA Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
105CCSO Nameserver Protocol (Qi/Ph)
107Remote TELNET Service protocol
108SNA Gateway Access Server
109Post Office Protocol v2 (POP2)
110Post Office Protocol v3 (POP3)
113ident Authentication Service/Identification Protocol, used by IRC servers to identif...
115Simple File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
117UUCP Path Service
118SQL (Structured Query Language) Services
119Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) retrieval of newsgroup messages
135DCE endpoint resolution
135Microsoft EPMAP (End Point Mapper), also known as DCE/RPC Locator service, used to rem...
137NetBIOS NetBIOS Name Service
138NetBIOS NetBIOS Datagram Service
139NetBIOS NetBIOS Session Service
143Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) management of email messages
152Background File Transfer Program (BFTP)
153SGMP, Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol
156SQL Service
158DMSP, Distributed Mail Service Protocol
162Simple Network Management Protocol Trap (SNMPTRAP)
170Print-srv, Network PostScript
177X Display Manager Control Protocol (XDMCP)
179BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)
194Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
199SMUX, SNMP Unix Multiplexer
201AppleTalk Routing Maintenance
209The Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
210ANSI Z39.50
213Internetwork Packet Exchange (IPX)
218Message posting protocol (MPP)
220Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), version 3
2562DEV "2SP" Port
259ESRO, Efficient Short Remote Operations
264BGMP, Border Gateway Multicast Protocol
308Novastor Online Backup
311Mac OS X Server Admin (officially AppleShare IP Web administration)
318PKIX TSP, Time Stamp Protocol
323IMMP, Internet Message Mapping Protocol
350MATIP-Type A, Mapping of Airline Traffic over Internet Protocol
351MATIP-Type B, Mapping of Airline Traffic over Internet Protocol
366ODMR, On-Demand Mail Relay
370codaauth2 Coda authentication server
371ClearCase albd
375425Direct Connect
383HP data alarm manager
384A Remote Network Server System
387AURP, AppleTalk Update-based Routing Protocol
389Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
401UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
402Altiris, Altiris Deployment Client
407Timbuktu Pro
411Direct Connect Hub
412Direct Connect Client-to-Client
427Service Location Protocol (SLP)
443HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS)
444SNPP, Simple Network Paging Protocol (RFC 1568)
445Microsoft-DS Active Directory, Windows shares
445Microsoft-DS SMB file sharing
464Kerberos Change/Set password
465Cisco protocol
465SMTP over SSL
475tcpnethaspsrv (Aladdin Knowledge Systems Hasp services, TCP/IP version)
497Dantz Retrospect
501STMF, Simple Transportation Management Framework DOT NTCIP 1101
502asa-appl-proto, Protocol
502Modbus, Protocol
504Citadel multiservice protocol for dedicated clients for the Citadel groupware system
510First Class Protocol
512Rexec, Remote Process Execution
514Shell used to execute non-interactive commands on a remote system (Remote Shell, rsh...
515Line Printer Daemon print service
520efs, extended file name server
524NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) is used for a variety things such as access to primary Net...
531AOL Instant Messenger, IRC
540UUCP (Unix-to-Unix Copy Protocol)
542commerce (Commerce Applications)
543klogin, Kerberos login
544kshell, Kerberos Remote shell
545OSIsoft PI (VMS), OSISoft PI Server Client Access
546DHCPv6 client
547DHCPv6 server
548Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) over TCP
554Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
556Remotefs, RFS, rfs_server
563NNTP protocol over TLS/SSL (NNTPS)
587e-mail message submission (SMTP)
591FileMaker 6.0 (and later) Web Sharing (HTTP Alternate, also see port 80)
593HTTP RPC Ep Map Server
604TUNNEL profile, a protocol for BEEP peers to form an application layer tunnel
631Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)
631Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
635RLZ DBase
636Lightweight Directory Access Protocol over TLS/SSL (LDAPS)
639MSDP, Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
641SupportSoft Nexus Remote Command (control/listening): A proxy gateway connecting remot...
646LDP, Label Distribution Protocol, a routing protocol used in MPLS networks
647DHCP Failover protocol
648RRP (Registry Registrar Protocol)
652DTCP, Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol
653SupportSoft Nexus Remote Command (data): A proxy gateway connecting remote control tra...
654Media Management System (MMS) Media Management Protocol (MMP)
657IBM RMC reconfiguration
660Mac OS X Server administration
665sun-dr, Remote Dynamic Reconfiguration
674ACAP (Application Configuration Access Protocol)
691MS Exchange Routing
694Linux-HA High availability Heartbeat
695IEEE-MMS-SSL (IEEE Media Management System over SSL)
699Access Network
700EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol), a protocol for communication between domain na...
701LMP (Link Management Protocol (Internet)), a protocol that runs between a pair of node...
702IRIS (Internet Registry Information Service) over BEEP (Blocks Extensible Exchange Pro...
706Secure Internet Live Conferencing (SILC)
711Cisco Tag Distribution Protocol being replaced by the MPLS Label Distribution Protoc...
712Topology Broadcast based on Reverse-Path Forwarding routing protocol (TBRPF) (RFC 3684)
720SMQP, Simple Message Queue Protocol
749Kerberos (protocol) administration
751kerberos_master, Kerberos authentication
753Reverse Routing Header (rrh)
754krb5_prop, Kerberos v5 slave propagation
754tell send
760krbupdate [kreg], Kerberos registration
782Conserver serial-console management server
783SpamAssassin spamd daemon
799Remotely Possible Server
829CMP (Certificate Management Protocol)
843Adobe Flash socket policy server
847DHCP Failover protocol
860iSCSI (RFC 3720)
873rsync file synchronisation protocol
888cddbp, CD DataBase (CDDB) protocol (CDDBP) unassigned but widespread use
901Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT)
901VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client (UDP from server being managed to management cons...
902ideafarm-door 902/tcp self documenting Door: send 0x00 for info
902VMware Server Console (TCP from management console to server being Managed)
903VMware Remote Console
904VMware Server Alternate (if 902 is in use, i.e. SUSE linux)
911Network Console on Acid (NCA) local tty redirection over OpenSSH
953Domain Name System (DNS) RNDC Service
981SofaWare Technologies Remote HTTPS management for firewall devices running embedded Ch...
989FTPS Protocol (data): FTP over TLS/SSL
990FTPS Protocol (control): FTP over TLS/SSL
991NAS (Netnews Administration System)
992TELNET protocol over TLS/SSL
993Internet Message Access Protocol over SSL (IMAPS)
995Post Office Protocol 3 over TLS/SSL (POP3S)
999ScimoreDB Database System
1002Opsware agent (aka cogbot)
10235000CITRIX Metaframe
10245000Dwyco Video Conferencing
10241502H.323 compliant video player
10245000ICUII Client
10241502Intel Video Phone
10245000mIRC DCC
10241502NetMeeting 2.0, 3.0
1025NFS or IIS or Teradata
1026Often used by Microsoft DCOM services
1029Often used by Microsoft DCOM services
1030Need for Speed 3 - Hot Pursuit
1058nim, IBM AIX Network Installation Manager (NIM)
1059nimreg, IBM AIX Network Installation Manager (NIM)
1080SOCKS proxy
1098rmiactivation, RMI Activation
1099rmiregistry, RMI Registry
1109Kerberos Post Office Protocol (KPOP)
11175190Audiogalaxy Satellite
1140AutoNOC protocol
11401234Westwood Online - C&C Tiberian Sun
11401234Westwood Online - Dune 2000
1176Perceptive Automation Indigo Home automation server
1182AcceleNet Intelligent Transfer Protocol
1198The cajo project Free dynamic transparent distributed computing in Java
1200scol, protocol used by SCOL 3D virtual worlds server to answer world name resolution c...
1217Uvora Online
1220QuickTime Streaming Server administration
1223TGP, TrulyGlobal Protocol, also known as "The Gur Protocol" (named for Gur Kimchi of T...
1236Symantec BindView Control UNIX Default port for TCP management server connections
1241Nessus Security Scanner
1270Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) (formerly Microsoft Operations Manag...
1293IPSec (Internet Protocol Security)
1301Palmer Performance OBDNet
1309Altera Quartus jtagd
1311Dell OpenManage HTTPS
1313Xbiim (Canvii server)
1337Men and Mice DNS
1337PowerFolder P2P Encrypted File Synchronization Program
1337WASTE Encrypted File Sharing Program
1352IBM Lotus Notes/Domino (RPC) protocol
1387cadsi-lm, LMS International (formerly Computer Aided Design Software, Inc. (CADSI)) LM
1414IBM WebSphere MQ (formerly known as MQSeries)
1417Timbuktu Service 1 Port
1418Timbuktu Service 2 Port
1419Timbuktu Service 3 Port
1420Timbuktu Service 4 Port
1431Reverse Gossip Transport Protocol (RGTP) implemented on the Cambridge University's Pho...
1433MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server database management system) Server
1434MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server database management system) Monitor
1470Solarwinds Kiwi Log Server
1494Citrix XenApp Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) thin client protocol
1494CITRIX Metaframe
1500NetGuard GuardianPro firewall (NT4-based) Remote Management
1503Windows Live Messenger (Whiteboard and Application Sharing)
15031503H.323 compliant video player
15031503Intel Video Phone
15031503NetMeeting 2.0, 3.0
15041730H.323 compliant video player
15041730Intel Video Phone
15041730NetMeeting 2.0, 3.0
1512Microsoft Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)
1513Garena Garena Gaming Client
1521nCube License Manager
1521Oracle database default listener, in future releases official port 2483
1524ingreslock, ingres
1526Oracle database common alternative for listener
1533IBM Sametime IM Virtual Places Chat Microsoft SQL Server
1645radius auth, RADIUS authentication protocol
1646radius acct, RADIUS authentication protocol
1677Novell GroupWise clients in client/server access mode
1716America's Army Massively multiplayer online game (MMO)
1720H.323 Call signalling
1723Microsoft Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
17311731H.323 compliant video player
17311731Intel Video Phone
17311731NetMeeting 2.0, 3.0
173265534H.323 compliant video player
173265534Intel Video Phone
173265534NetMeeting 2.0, 3.0
1755Microsoft Media Services (MMS, ms-streaming)
1761Novell Zenworks Remote Control utility
17621768cft-1 to cft-7
1801Microsoft Message Queuing
1812radius, RADIUS authentication protocol
1813radacct, RADIUS accounting protocol
1863MSNP (Microsoft Notification Protocol), used by the .NET Messenger Service and a numbe...
1863MSN Messenger
1883MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT), formerly known as MQIsdp (MQSeries SCADA protocol)
1886Leonardo over IP Pro2col Ltd
1920IBM Tivoli Monitoring Console (https)
1935Adobe Systems Macromedia Flash Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)
1947SentinelSRM (hasplm), Aladdin HASP License Manager
1970Netop Business Solutions Netop Remote Control
1971Netop Business Solutions Netop School
1972InterSystems Caché
1984Big Brother System and Network Monitor
1994Cisco STUN-SDLC (Serial Tunneling
1997Chizmo Networks Transfer Tool
1998Cisco X.25 over TCP (XOT) service
2000Cisco SCCP (Skinny)
20002038ICUII Client
20002038ICUII Client
2000Remotely AnyWhere
2002Secure Access Control Server (ACS) for Windows
2041Mail.Ru Agent communication protocol
20502051ICUII Client
20502051ICUII Client
2053knetd Kerberos de-multiplexor
2053lot105-ds-upd Lot105 DSuper Updates
2069ICUII Client
2069ICUII Client
2073DataReel Database
2074Vertel VMF SA (i.e. App.. SpeakFreely)
2082CPanel default
2082Infowave Mobility Server
2083CPanel default SSL
2083Secure Radius Service (radsec)
2085ICUII Client
2085ICUII Client
2086WebHost Manager default
2087WebHost Manager default SSL
2090Pal Talk
2091Pal Talk
2095CPanel default Web mail
2095Pal Talk
2096CPanel default SSL Web mail
2102zephyr-srv Project Athena Zephyr Notification Service server
2103zephyr-clt Project Athena Zephyr Notification Service serv-hm connection
2104zephyr-hm Project Athena Zephyr Notification Service hostmanager
2105eklogin Kerberos encrypted remote login (rlogin)
2105IBM MiniPay
2105zephyr-hm-srv Project Athena Zephyr Notification Service hm-serv connection (should us...
2144Iron Mountain LiveVault Agent
2145Iron Mountain LiveVault Agent
2161APC Agent
2181EForward-document transport system
2210MikroTik Remote management for "The Dude"
2210NOAAPORT Broadcast Network
2211MikroTik Secure management for "The Dude"
2212LeeCO POS Server Service
2212Port-A-Pour Remote WinBatch
2219NetIQ NCAP Protocol
2220NetIQ End2End
2221ESET Anti-virus updates
2222DirectAdmin default & ESET Remote Administration
22342234Operation FlashPoint
2261CoMotion Master
2262CoMotion Backup
23002400Fighter Ace II
23002400MSN Game Zone
23002400Starfleet Command
2301HP System Management Redirect to port 2381
2346Rainbow Six
2346Rogue Spear
2369Default for BMC Software Control-M/Server Configuration Agent, though often changed...
2370Default for BMC Software Control-M/Server to allow the Control-M/Enterprise Manager...
2381HP Insight Manager default for Web server
2401CVS version control system
2404IEC 60870-5 -104, used to send electric power telecontrol messages between two systems...
2447ovwdb OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) daemon
2483Oracle database listening for unsecure client connections to the listener, replaces po...
2484Oracle database listening for SSL client connections to the listener
2500THEÒSMESSENGER listening for TheòsMessenger client connections
2501TheosNet-Admin listening for TheòsMessenger client connections
2525SMTP alternate
2546EVault Data Protection Services
2593RunUO Ultima Online server
2598new ICA when Session Reliability is enabled, TCP port 2598 replaces port 1494
2599SonicWALL Antispam traffic between Remote Analyzer (RA) and Control Center (CC)
2610Dark Ages
26112612Black and White
2612QPasa from MQSoftware
2638Sybase database listener
27002800KnowShowGo P2P
2710XBT Bittorrent Tracker
2713Raven Trinity Broker Service
2714Raven Trinity Data Mover
2735NetIQ Monitor Console
2809corbaloc:iiop URL, per the CORBA 3.0.3 specification
2809IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Bootstrap/rmi default
2868Norman Proprietary Event Protocol NPEP
2947gpsd GPS daemon
2948WAP-push Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
2949WAP-pushsecure Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
2967Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition
3000Miralix License server
3000Active Worlds
3000Deerfield MDaemon Email Server
3001Miralix Phone Monitor
3001Opsware server (Satellite)
3001Deerfield MDaemon Email Server
3002Miralix CSTA
3003Miralix GreenBox API
3004Miralix InfoLink
3005Miralix TimeOut
3006Miralix SMS Client Connector
3007Miralix OM Server
3008Miralix Proxy
30103030ICUII Client
30103030ICUII Client
3017Miralix IVR and Voicemail
3050gds_db (Interbase/Firebird)
3051Galaxy Server (Gateway Ticketing Systems)
3074Xbox LIVE and/or Games for Windows - LIVE
3100HTTP used by Tatsoft as the default listen port
31003999Delta Force
3101BlackBerry Enterprise Server communication to cloud
3128HTTP used by Tatsoft as the default client connection
3128HTTP used by Web caches and the default for the Squid (software)
3225FCIP (Fiber Channel over Internet Protocol)
32303235Polycom ViaVideo H.323
3233WhiskerControl research control protocol
3235Galaxy Network Service (Gateway Ticketing Systems)
3260iSCSI target
3268msft-gc, Microsoft Global Catalog (LDAP service which contains data from Active Direct...
3269msft-gc-ssl, Microsoft Global Catalog over SSL (similar to port 3268, LDAP over SSL)
3283Apple Remote Desktop reporting (officially Net Assistant, referring to an earlier prod...
3299SAP-Router (routing application proxy for SAP R/3)
3300Debate Gopher backend database system
3305odette-ftp, Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP)
3306MySQL database system
3313Verisys - File Integrity Monitoring Software
3333Network Caller ID server
3386GTP' 3GPP GSM/UMTS CDR logging protocol
3389Windows 2000 Terminal Server
3396Novell NDPS Printer Agent
3423Xware xTrm Communication Protocol
3424Xware xTrm Communication Protocol over SSL
3453Myth II Server
3455[RSVP] Reservation Protocol
3478STUN, a protocol for NAT traversal
3483Slim Devices SlimProto protocol
3516Smartcard Port
3532Raven Remote Management Control
3533Raven Remote Management Data
3535SMTP alternate
3606Splitlock Server
3632distributed compiler
3689Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP) used by Apple’s iTunes and AirPort Express
3690Subversion version control system
3702Web Services Dynamic Discovery (WS-Discovery), used by various components of Windows V...
3723Used by many Battle.net Blizzard games (Diablo II, Warcraft II, Warcraft III, StarCraf...
3724Club Penguin Disney online game for kids
3724World of Warcraft Online gaming MMORPG
3782Roger Wilco
3784Ventrilo VoIP program used by Ventrilo
3800Used by HGG programs
3855Kohan Immortal Sovereigns
3868Diameter base protocol (RFC 3588)
3872Oracle Management Remote Agent
3899Remote Administrator
3900udt_os, IBM UniData UDT OS
3945EMCADS service, a Giritech product used by G/On
3978OpenTTD game (masterserver and content service)
3979OpenTTD game
3999Norman distributed scanning service
39994000Remote Anything
4000Diablo II game
4000Blizzard Battlenet
4000Westwood Online - C&C Tiberian Sun
4000Westwood Online - Dune 2000
4001Microsoft Ants game
4007PrintBuzzer printer monitoring socket server
4018protocol information and warnings
4089OpenCORE Remote Control Service
4093PxPlus Client server interface ProvideX
4096Ascom Timeplex BRE (Bridge Relay Element)
4125Microsoft Remote Web Workplace administration
4172Teradici PCoIP
4201TinyMUD and various derivatives
4224Cisco Audio Session Tunneling
4226Aleph One (game)
4321Referral Whois (RWhois) Protocol
44334436Axence nVision
4567Sinatra default server port in development mode (HTTP)
46104640QualiSystems TestShell Suite Services
4662often used by eMule
4662OrbitNet Message Service
4664Google Desktop Search
4711McAfee Web Gateway 7 - Default GUI Port HTTP
4712McAfee Web Gateway 7 - Default GUI Port HTTPS
4728Computer Associates Desktop and Server Management (DMP)/Port Multiplexer
4750BladeLogic Agent
4840OPC UA TCP Protocol for OPC Unified Architecture from OPC Foundation
4843OPC UA TCP Protocol over TLS/SSL for OPC Unified Architecture from OPC Foundation
4847Web Fresh Communication, Quadrion Software & Odorless Entertainment
4894LysKOM Protocol A
4899RAdmin (Fama Tech)
4949Munin Resource Monitoring Tool
4950Cylon Controls UC32 Communications Port
4982Solar Data Log (JK client app for PV solar inverters )
4993Home FTP Server web Interface Default Port
5000UPnP Windows network device interoperability
5000VTun VPN Software
50005001Yahoo Messenger Chat
5001Iperf (Tool for measuring TCP and UDP bandwidth performance)
5001Slingbox and Slingplayer
5004RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) media data (RFC 3551, RFC 4571)
5005RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) control protocol (RFC 3551, RFC 4571)
5029Sonic Robot Blast 2 : Multiplayer
5031AVM CAPI-over-TCP (ISDN over Ethernet tunneling)
5050Yahoo! Messenger
5051ita-agent Symantec Intruder Alert
5060Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
5061Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) over TLS
5070Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP)
5082Qpur Communication Protocol
5083Qpur File Protocol
5084EPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP)
5085EPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) over TLS
5099SafeNet, Inc Sentinel LM, Sentinel RMS, License Manager, Server-to-Server
5104IBM Tivoli Framework NetCOOL/Impact HTTP Service
5106A-Talk Common connection
5107A-Talk Remote server connection
5108VPOP3 Mail Server Webmail
5109VPOP3 Mail Server Status
5110ProRat Server
5121Neverwinter Nights
5150ATMP Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol
5150Malware Cerberus RAT
5151ESRI SDE Instance
5176ConsoleWorks default UI interface
5190AOL Instant Messenger
5190AIM Talk
5222Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) client connection
5223Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) client connection over SSL
5269Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) server connection
5298Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) JEP-0174: Link-Local Messaging / XEP...
5310Ginever.net data communication port
5311Ginever.net data communication port
5312Ginever.net data communication port
5313Ginever.net data communication port
5314Ginever.net data communication port
5315Ginever.net data communication port
5351NAT Port Mapping Protocol client-requested configuration for inbound connections thr...
5355LLMNR Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution, allows hosts to perform name resolution...
5357Web Services for Devices (WSDAPI) (only provided by Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Serve...
5358WSDAPI Applications to Use a Secure Channel (only provided by Windows Vista, Windows 7...
5402mftp, Stratacache OmniCast content delivery system MFTP file sharing protocol
5405NetSupport Manager
5421NetSupport Manager
5432PostgreSQL database system
5433Bouwsoft file/webserver <http://www.bouwsoft.be>
5450OSIsoft PI Server Client Access
5457OSIsoft PI Asset Framework Client Access
5458OSIsoft PI Notifications Client Access
5495Applix TM1 Admin server
5498Hotline tracker server connection
5500VNC remote desktop protocol for incoming listening viewer, Hotline control connection
55005503Hotline Server
5501Hotline file transfer connection
5517Setiqueue Proxy server client for SETI@Home project
5550Hewlett-Packard Data Protector
5555Freeciv versions up to 2.0, Hewlett-Packard Data Protector, McAfee EndPoint Encryption...
5591Default for Tidal Enterprise Scheduler master-Socket used for communication between Ag...
5656IBM Sametime p2p file transfer
5666NRPE (Nagios)
5667NSCA (Nagios)
5670Active Worlds
5723Operations Manager
5800VNC remote desktop protocol for use over HTTP
5814Hewlett-Packard Support Automation (HP OpenView Self-Healing Services)
5852Adeona client: communications to OpenDHT
5900Virtual Network Computing (VNC) remote desktop protocol (used by Apple Remote Desktop...
5912Default for Tidal Enterprise Scheduler agent-Socket used for communication between Mas...
5938TeamViewer remote desktop protocol
5984CouchDB database server
5999CVSup file update tool
6000X11 used between an X client and server over the network
6005Default for BMC Software Control-M/Server Socket used for communication between Cont...
6005Default for Camfrog Chat & Cam Client http://www.camfrog.com
6050Brightstor Arcserve Backup
6050Nortel Software
6051Brightstor Arcserve Backup
6072iOperator Protocol Signal Port
60736073Operation FlashPoint
6086PDTP FTP like file server in a P2P network
6100Ventrilo This is the authentication port that must be allowed outbound for version 3 o...
6100Vizrt System
6101Backup Exec Agent Browser
6110softcm, HP Softbench CM
6111spc, HP Softbench Sub-Process Control
6112"dtspcd" a network daemon that accepts requests from clients to execute commands and...
6112ArenaNet gaming service
6112Club Penguin Disney online game for kids
6112Relic gaming sercice
6112Blizzard Battlenet
6113Club Penguin Disney online game for kids
6129DameWare Remote Control
6260planet M.U.L.E.
6262Sybase Advantage Database Server
6347gnutella-rtr, Gnutella alternate
6350App Discovery and Access Protocol
6432PgBouncer - A connection pooler for PostgreSQL
6444Sun Grid Engine Qmaster Service
6445Sun Grid Engine Execution Service
6502Netop Business Solutions - NetOp Remote Control
6522Gobby (and other libobby-based software)
6523Gobby 0.5 (and other libinfinity-based software)
6566SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) SANE network scanner daemon
6600Music Playing Daemon (MPD)
6619odette-ftps, Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP) over TLS/SSL
66606664Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
66606669mIRC Chat
66656669Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
6667Black and White
6667MSN Game Zone
6679IRC SSL (Secure Internet Relay Chat) often used
6679Osorno Automation Protocol (OSAUT)
6697IRC SSL (Secure Internet Relay Chat) often used
6699WinMX (see also 6257)
67006702Dwyco Video Conferencing
67006702ICUII Client
6702Default for Tidal Enterprise Scheduler client-Socket used for communication between Cl...
6789Datalogger Support Software Campbell Scientific Loggernet Software
6880Dwyco Video Conferencing
6880ICUII Client
68816887BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often
6888BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often
68896890BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often
68916900BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often
68916900Windows Live Messenger (File transfer)
68916900MSN Messenger
6901BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often
6901Windows Live Messenger (Voice)
6901MSN Messenger
69026968BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often
6969BitTorrent tracker
69706999BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often
6970QuickTime 4 Server
7000Default for Vuze's built in HTTPS Bittorrent Tracker
70007100Active Worlds
7001Default for BEA WebLogic Server's HTTP server, though often changed during installation
7002Default for BEA WebLogic Server's HTTPS server, though often changed during installati...
7005Default for BMC Software Control-M/Server and Control-M/Agent for Agent-to-Server, tho...
7006Default for BMC Software Control-M/Server and Control-M/Agent for Server-to-Agent, tho...
7010Default for Cisco AON AMC (AON Management Console)
7013Anarchy Online
7025Zimbra LMTP [mailbox] local mail delivery
7047Zimbra conversion server
7133Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
7306Zimbra mysql [mailbox]
7307Zimbra mysql [logger]
7400RTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe) DDS Discovery
7401RTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe) DDS User-Traffic
7402RTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe) DDS Meta-Traffic
75007501Anarchy Online
7547CPE WAN Management Protocol Technical Report 069
7615ISL Online communication protocol
7670BrettspielWelt BSW Boardgame Portal
7676Aqumin AlphaVision Remote Command Interface
7777iChat server file transfer proxy
7777Oracle Cluster File System 2
77777788Unreal Tournament series default server
7777Windows backdoor program tini.exe default
7777Xivio.com Chat Server Interface
7777Active Worlds
7778Bad Trip MUD
77877788GFI EventsManager 7 & 8
7831Default used by Smartlaunch Internet Cafe Administration software
7880PowerSchool Gradebook Server
7915Default for YSFlight server
7935Fixed port used for Adobe Flash Debug Player to communicate with a debugger (Flash IDE...
79379936EMC2 (Legato) Networker or Sun Solcitice Backup
8000Commonly used for internet radio streams such as those using SHOUTcast
8000iRDMI (Intel Remote Desktop Management Interface) sometimes erroneously used instead...
80008005ShoutCast Server
8001Commonly used for internet radio streams such as those using SHOUTcast
8002Cisco Systems Unified Call Manager Intercluster
8008HTTP Alternate
8008IBM HTTP Server administration default
8009ajp13 Apache JServ Protocol AJP Connector
8010XMPP File transfers
80118014HTTP/TCP Symon Communications Event and Query Engine
8078Default port for most Endless Online-based servers
8080Apache Tomcat
8080HTTP alternate (http_alt) commonly used for Web proxy and caching server, or for run...
8081HTTP alternate, VibeStreamer, e.g. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)
8086HELM Web Host Automation Windows Control Panel
8086Kaspersky AV Control Center
8087Hosting Accelerator Control Panel
8087Parallels Plesk Control Panel
8089Splunk Daemon
8090HTTP Alternate (http_alt_alt) used as an alternative to port 8080
8118Privoxy advertisement-filtering Web proxy
8123Polipo Web proxy
8192Sophos Remote Management System
8193Sophos Remote Management System
8194Sophos Remote Management System
8222VMware Server Management User Interface (insecure Web interface). See also port 8333
8243HTTPS listener for Apache Synapse
8280HTTP listener for Apache Synapse
8291Winbox Default on a MikroTik RouterOS for a Windows application used to administer M...
8332Bitcoin JSON-RPC server
8333VMware Server Management User Interface (secure Web interface). See also port 8222
8400cvp, Commvault Unified Data Management
8442CyBro A-bus, Cybrotech Ltd.
8443SW Soft Plesk Control Panel, Apache Tomcat SSL, Promise WebPAM SSL, McAfee ePolicy Orc...
8500ColdFusion Macromedia/Adobe ColdFusion default and Duke Nukem 3D default
8501DukesterX default
8691Ultra Fractal default server port for distributing calculations over network computers
8880cddbp-alt, CD DataBase (CDDB) protocol (CDDBP) alternate
8880WebSphere Application Server SOAP connector default
8880Win Media Streamer to Server SOAP connector default
8881Atlasz Informatics Research Ltd Secure Application Server
8882Atlasz Informatics Research Ltd Secure Application Server
8883Secure MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT over SSL)
8887HyperVM HTTP
8888D2GS Admin Console Telnet administration console for D2GS servers (Diablo 2)
8888Earthland Relams 2 Server (AU1_2)
8888GNUmp3d HTTP music streaming and Web interface
8888HyperVM HTTPS
8888LoLo Catcher HTTP Web interface (www.optiform.com)
8888NewsEDGE server
8888Sun Answerbook dwhttpd server (deprecated by docs.sun.com)
8889Earthland Relams 2 Server (AU1_1)
8983Default for Apache Solr 1.4
9000Buffalo LinkSystem Web access
9000SqueezeCenter web server & streaming
9001DBGp Proxy
9001ETL Service Manager
9009Pichat Server Peer to peer chat software
9030Tor often used
9043WebSphere Application Server Administration Console secure
9060WebSphere Application Server Administration Console
9080glrpc, Groove Collaboration software GLRPC
9080WebSphere Application Server HTTP Transport (port 1) default
9090Openfire Administration Console
9090SqueezeCenter control (CLI)
9090Webwasher, Secure Web, McAfee Web Gateway - Default Proxy Port
9091Openfire Administration Console (SSL Secured)
9100PDL Data Stream
9101Bacula Director
9102Bacula File Daemon
9103Bacula Storage Daemon
9105Xadmin Control Daemon
9119MXit Instant Messenger
9293Sony PlayStation RemotePlay
9300IBM Cognos 8 SOAP Business Intelligence and Performance Management
9306Sphinx Native API
9312Sphinx SphinxQL
9418git, Git pack transfer service
9420MooseFS distributed file system master server to chunk servers
9421MooseFS distributed file system master server to clients
9422MooseFS distributed file system chunk servers to clients
9535mngsuite, LANDesk Management Suite Remote Control
9536laes-bf, IP Fabrics Surveillance buffering function
9561Network Time System Server
9675Spiceworks Desktop, IT Helpdesk Software
9676Spiceworks Desktop, IT Helpdesk Software
9800WebDAV Source
9875Club Penguin Disney online game for kids
9898Tripwire File Integrity Monitoring Software
9996The Palace "The Palace" Virtual Reality Chat software. 5
9999Lantronix UDS-10/UDS100 RS-485 to Ethernet Converter TELNET control
10001Lantronix UDS-10/UDS100 RS-485 to Ethernet Converter default
10008Octopus Multiplexer, primary port for the CROMP protocol, which provides a platform-in...
10009Cross Fire, a multiplayer online First Person Shooter.
10010Open Object Rexx (ooRexx) rxapi daemon
10024Zimbra smtp [mta] to amavis from postfix
10025Zimbra smtp [mta] back to postfix from amavis
10113NetIQ Endpoint
10114NetIQ Qcheck
10115NetIQ Endpoint
10116NetIQ VoIP Assessor
10200FRISK Software International's f-protd virus scanning daemon for Unix platforms
10200FRISK Software International's fpscand virus scanning daemon for Unix platforms
1020110204FRISK Software International's f-protd virus scanning daemon for Unix platforms
12010ElevateDB default database port
12011Axence nVision
12012Audition Online Dance Battle, Korea Server Status/Version Check
12012Axence nVision
12013Audition Online Dance Battle, Korea Server
12053Delta Three PC to Phone
12083Delta Three PC to Phone
12489NSClient/NSClient++/NC_Net (Nagios)
12975LogMeIn Hamachi (VPN tunnel software; also port 32976) used to connect to Mediation...
13008Cross Fire, a multiplayer online First Person Shooter.
13076Default for BMC Software Control-M/Enterprise Manager Corba communication, though ofte...
1319513196Ontolux Ontolux 2D
13720Symantec NetBackup bprd (formerly VERITAS)
13721Symantec NetBackup bpdbm (formerly VERITAS)
13724Symantec Network Utility vnetd (formerly VERITAS)
13782Symantec NetBackup bpcd (formerly VERITAS)
13783Symantec VOPIED protocol (formerly VERITAS)
13785Symantec NetBackup Database nbdb (formerly VERITAS)
13786Symantec nomdb (formerly VERITAS)
14439APRS UI-View Amateur Radio UI-WebServer
15000hydap, Hypack Hydrographic Software Packages Data Acquisition
15000Kaspersky Network Agent
15345XPilot Contact
16000Motorhead server
1601016030Motorhead server
16080Mac OS X Server Web (HTTP) service with performance cache
17437Kohan Immortal Sovereigns
17500Dropbox LanSync Protocol (db-lsp); used to synchronize file catalogs between Dropbox c...
18010Super Dancer Online Extreme(SDO-X) CiB Net Station Malaysia Server
18104RAD PDF Service
18180DART Reporting server
18200Audition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft Thailand Server Status/Version Check
18201Audition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft Thailand Server
18206Audition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft Thailand Server FAM Database
18300Audition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft SEA Server Status/Version Check
18301Audition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft SEA Server
18306Audition Online Dance Battle, AsiaSoft SEA Server FAM Database
18400Audition Online Dance Battle, KAIZEN Brazil Server Status/Version Check
18401Audition Online Dance Battle, KAIZEN Brazil Server
18505Audition Online Dance Battle, Nexon Server Status/Version Check
18506Audition Online Dance Battle, Nexon Server
18605X-BEAT Status/Version Check
19000Audition Online Dance Battle, G10/alaplaya Server Status/Version Check
19001Audition Online Dance Battle, G10/alaplaya Server
19226Panda Software AdminSecure Communication Agent
19283K2 - KeyAuditor & KeyServer, Sassafras Software Inc. Software Asset Management tools
19294Google Talk Voice and Video connections
19315KeyShadow for K2 - KeyAuditor & KeyServer, Sassafras Software Inc. Software Asset Mana...
19638Ensim Control Panel
19771Softros LAN Messenger
198124D database SQL Communication
198134D database Client Server Communication
198144D database DB4D Communication
19880Softros LAN Messenger
20014DART Reporting server
20720Symantec i3 Web GUI server
21001AMLFilter, AMLFilter Inc. amlf-admin default port
21011AMLFilter, AMLFilter Inc. amlf-engine-01 default http port
21012AMLFilter, AMLFilter Inc. amlf-engine-01 default https port
21021AMLFilter, AMLFilter Inc. amlf-engine-02 default http port
21022AMLFilter, AMLFilter Inc. amlf-engine-02 default https port
22136FLIR Systems Camera Resource Protocol
22222Davis Instruments, WeatherLink IP
22347WibuKey, WIBU-SYSTEMS AG Software protection system
22350CodeMeter, WIBU-SYSTEMS AG Software protection system
24465Tonido Directory Server for Tonido which is a Personal Web App and P2P platform
24554BINKP, Fidonet mail transfers over TCP/IP
26000CCP's EVE Online Online gaming MMORPG
26000id Software's Quake server
26214Dark Reign 2
26900CCP's EVE Online Online gaming MMORPG
26901CCP's EVE Online Online gaming MMORPG
2700027009FlexNet Publisher's License server (from the range of default ports)
28395www.SmartSystemsLLC.com Used by Smart Sale 5.0
2880029000MSN Game Zone
28910Heretic II Server
30564Multiplicity: keyboard/mouse/clipboard sharing software
30777ZangZing agent
31337Back Orifice remote administration tool (often Trojan horse)
31456TetriNET IRC gateway on some servers
31458TetriNET Used for game spectators
32123x3Lobby Used by x3Lobby, an internet application.
32245MMTSG-mutualed over MMT (encrypted transmission)
32769FileNet RPC
32976LogMeIn Hamachi (VPN tunnel software; also port 12975) used to connect to Mediation...
37659Axence nVision
37777Digital Video Recorder hardware
40000SafetyNET p Real-time Industrial Ethernet protocol
40001JamesWebster port Real-time Industrial Ethernet protocol
4100050000Audiogalaxy Satellite
41823Murealm Client
43047TheòsMessenger second port for service TheòsMessenger
43048TheòsMessenger third port for service TheòsMessenger
4359443595Jagex, RuneScape, FunOrb, etc...
47624Fighter Ace II
47624MSN Game Zone
4762447624Operation FlashPoint
47624Starfleet Command
47808BACnet Building Automation and Control Networks (4780810=BAC016)
5000050100Fighter Ace II
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